History and Culture

We love to visit history and cultural places. They just make us more knowledgeable and richer. We see not only a place, a building or an architecture, but the stories behind which offers lots of inspiration about the paths we trekked. Here are some historical destinations and ideas we recommend.

Love in Lijiang, Yunnan
The oldest surviving wooden structure
The Sexy Tang Ladies
Guangzhou (Canton): The Legendary Trading Port of the 18th Century
Sichuan – More than Pandas
Shikumen in Shanghai
Chinese New Year Parade 2017 Hong Kong
Falling in Love with Victoria
The dancer playing pipa backhand, Mogao Grottoes
Mogao Grottoes: Story of 9-coloured Deer
Forbidden Love between a mortal and an immortal, West Lake, Hangzhou
Welcome Year of the Dog
The Great Wall
Drepung Monastery – the political centre before Potala Palace
Shanghai: The Big Melting Pot
The New Macau
The China Town of the Victoria City
The Dearest Dowry in China’s History
Sanya’s Nanshan Goddess of Mercy
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