History and Culture

We love to visit history and cultural places. They just make us more knowledgeable and richer. We see not only a place, a building or an architecture, but the stories behind which offers lots of inspiration about the paths we trekked. Here are some historical destinations and ideas we recommend.

Xian: A City with a History of 3,000 Years
The oldest surviving wooden structure
Chinese New Year Parade 2017 Hong Kong
The dancer playing pipa backhand, Mogao Grottoes
Tibet: Rooftop of the World
The Sexy Tang Ladies
Hangzhou: The Heavenly City
The New Macau
The Ancient Silk Road
2017 Year of the Rooster
Guangzhou (Canton): The Legendary Trading Port of the 18th Century
The Watch Towers (Diaolou)
Shikumen in Shanghai
Mogao Grottoes: Story of 9-coloured Deer
Forbidden Love between a mortal and an immortal, West Lake, Hangzhou
The Dearest Dowry in China’s History
The UNESCO World Heritage Site: Historical Centre of Macau
The Legend of Southern School of Chinese Kungfu – from Foshan to Hong Kong
The Great Wall
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