Prelude to 1911

Hong Kong played an important role in history of modern China. The Father of Modern China, Dr Sun Yat Sen who overthrown the Qing emperors and ended the imperial rule of over 2,000 years, was educated in Hong Kong, and planned his revolutionary activities in Hong Kong.

Many events in Hong Kong, prelude to 1911, marked the end of imperial rule in China, and the beginning of a new, modern China.

The unique position of Hong Kong as a trading port created a pool of rich Chinese merchants, who followed Dr Sun and provided him with financial support. This walking tour will cover:

  • Sai Ying Pun where the rich Chinese merchants earned their first pot of gold.
  • Dr Sun Yat Sen Museum
  • Former sites where Dr Sun baptized as a Christian, the school he studied, the meeting place where he planned the revolutionary activities, murder of his comrade Yeung Ku-wan.

Format: walking tour

Duration: around 3 hours


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