Mount Danxia, Guangdong

Danxia, literally means “red afterglow”, is a landform consists of red sandstone widely distributed in China,  Long term erosion and weathering carved these landscapes into red cliffs, rocks and caves of various shapes and forms.  Such spectacular landform become a UNESCO World Natural Heritage because of its great natural beauty.

Such landforms are widely scattered in south-eastern China, and Mount Danxia in Guangdong is the closest Danxia landform from Hong Kong, which can be reached in 3 hours by high speed train and coach.

One of the most famous attraction of Mount Danxia is the funny Yangyuan (Male) stone, which stand alone 28m high, and considered a  phallic symbol by natural.

Besides climbing up Mount Danxia, we can also enjoy the beauty landscape by a boat cruise on Xianglang Lake and quite a different experience to see the red cliffs surrounded by lush green bamboo woods.

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