Sanya’s Nanshan Goddess of Mercy

According to Chinese Buddhism, Nanshan, literally meaning “south mountain” is related to fortune and longevity. The Nanshan Park in Sanya is built on a slope facing south, with a huge Goddess of Mercy (Guanyin) statue. The Goddess, in order to save people from suffering, made a total of 12 wishes, and the second wish she made was wishing people living facing south. The Goddess in Sanya standing 3.8 meters tall on the sea, is one of the tallest Guanyin statue in the world.

The Nanshan Temple is built after the Tang Dynasty style, and is one of the biggest temple in southern China. The temple complex is surrounded by huge bayan trees and sacred fig trees. The greeneries, sea breeze and the solemn and dignified temples and structures make the tour to Nanshan an enjoyable one.

Sanya Nanshan Buddhist Park

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