Mount Emei

Mount Emei is one of the four Buddhist Holy Mountains. The highest peak is 3099m. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage site, together with the Leshan Buddha.

The four treasures of Mount Emei are: Buddhist Light, Sea of Cloud, Holy Lamps and Sun Rise.

  • Buddhist Light – on a sunny day on the Peak and mist below the Peak, stand with your back towards the sun in front of the Golden Peak, you will see a rainbow like halo around you.
  • Sea of Cloud – the cloud gathers around 2000m and when you are at 3000m, you’ll see a sea of cloud, which turns reddish when the sun sets.
  • Holy Lamps – On a clear dark night, you’ll see the shining green lights sparkling from below, like the starry sky.
  • Sun rise – Sun rise on Mount Emei is one of the most dramatic and breathtaking.

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