Canton and Guangdong

Canton or now known as Guangzhou, shares a lot of heritage and tradition with Hong Kong. We speak similar dialect, we share similar culinary culture. In fact, Canton was the international city of southern China, when Hong Kong was only an unknown fishing village, until a series of historical events drive the two cities on different development paths, but the high speed train brings the cities back to each other, making an easy 1 hour journey enjoyable. The area around Canton and Hong Kong in Guangdong are also worth visiting, full of natural beauty and culture, and many also connected to the high speed train.

The Legend of Southern School of Chinese Kungfu – from Foshan to Hong Kong
World Heritage site: Kaiping Diaolou
Arcade Buildings in Guangdong
Mount Danxia, Guangdong
Lychee Rhapsody, Dongguan, Guangdong
Guangzhou (Canton): The Legendary Trading Port of the 18th Century
The Watch Towers (Diaolou)
The Story of the Red Boat: Evening Show on the Pearl River
Medical Imaging Conference 2019 Shenzhen
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