The Story of the Red Boat: Evening Show on the Pearl River

A new evening show “The Story of the Red Boat” was launched in Guangzhou on the Pearl River.


Cantonese opera is s unique performing arts popular in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other areas in Guangdong. The opera composes of singing, dancing, acting, miming and acrobatic movements, complete with elegant costumes, hair dressing and make up, and is acknowledged as an intangible cultural heritage.




The Story of the Red Boat is an answer to our nostalgic memories of the Guanxi style houses of the rich Cantonese merchants, romance of the opera troupes and the life of the artists and their aspirations to produce good operas.

The show is about 1 hour. After getting on the boat, you will be brought back to Guangzhou some 100 years ago, watching a glamorous Cantonese opera in a typical Cantonese style house. After the show, the curtains are up, and you are brought back to the modern times, admiring the modern structures like the Guangzhou Tower on both sides of the Pearl River.


What’s more, the show is organised on a boat cruising along the Pearl River, another historical site in Guangzhou. It is another good evening entertainment for groups to Guangzhou.

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