Yetian (Coconut and Field) Village, Hainan

At the southern tip of China, Hainan Island is not only sun, sand and see. Besides those gorgeous hotels and resorts in Sanya, Hainan is also home to a number of ethnic minorities: The Li and the Miao. The Yetian (literally means coconut and field) Village is the perfect spot for you to experience the minorities culture and tradition.

The village is only 40km from Sanya, and it has preserved the folk culture of the Li minority. A number of the Li’s handicrafts: Li’s traditional brocade (which has a history of over 3,000 years), pottery, dance and the hammering skills are awarded the World Intangible Culture Heritage status.

The Miao is another minority which has been inhabiting in the island for over 4,000 years. Most of them live in the tropical rain forest. They are famous for silver handicrafts – in fact, living in the rain forest, there are lots of insects, frogs, and snakes and the Miao people use silver to drive them away, and this tells why there are so many silver ornament in their costume. The small hammering skill is a technique they develop to make silverware, as well as rattan weaving to make various kinds of casket and packages. The smaller hammering skill and rattan weaving are both intangible heritage.

Yetian Village

The Li and Miao are singing and dancing tribes and they are very hospitable. They will welcome you with wines, invite you to see their traditional dwellings, how they make the crafts, and sing and dance with you. You will certainly have a good time there.

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