Decadence of Shanghai of the 1930s

The 1920s and 30s are the heydays of Shanghai: the city was forced open by foreign powers, and almost overnight, foreigners moved in, the skyline of Shanghai was reshaped with great architecture, and became the “Paris of the East” or “New York of the West”. It was the most trendiest city in Asia – women wearing the latest fashions, entertainment industry was at its peak (EMI had its Asian headquarter in Shanghai), and there were artists, celebrities, parties, dance halls, clubs, glitzy restaurants, brothels, or anything in the world which you can buy. It became the heaven for opportunities, and their stories and the East Meets West amibence made Shanghai such a legendary place.

There were a number of venues which you can recreate Shanghai of the 1920s and 30s, and one of the interesting venue is Salon de Ning, a bar at the Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai.

The legend says there was a mysterious Madame Ning in Shanghai in the 1930s who used to lead an extravagant and luxurious life. She was very well travelled and her home was full of collection of the treasures she collected from all around the world. This is the story recreated in Salon de Ning. There are four theme rooms at the bar, and the most bewildering one is the L’Atelier, which is the study room of Madame Ning showcasing her collections – but the furniture, her picture and other collections are placed upside down – how perplexing when your head is getting heavy with your cocktails.

It is a perfect location for an after dinner drinks, social and network.

The venue is very popular during weekend and advance booking is required. Minimum spending is required for non-inhouse guests.

Next time when you visit Shanghai, make sure you spare an evening for a drink at Salon de Ning, and enjoy this soak yourself into the decadence ambience of Shanghai of the 1930s.

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