Hong Kong Wanchai: Diversity and Contrast

Back in the 1960s, when Robert looking for an inexpansive room in the infamous Wanchai, he met and fell in love with Suzie Wong – that was the story of “The World of Suzie Wong”, the Hollywood movie base on the novel by Richard Mason, which happened in Wanchai.

Wanchai is a very diversified district. There is the new area reclaimed from the Victoria Harbour by the waterfront, with prestigious Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre where the sovereignty change over ceremony was held in 1997, and the high-rise office buildings; but we also have a number of declared historical monuments like the old temples, old post offices and the old Tang style buildings.

Wanchai boasts the Arts Centre and the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, but there are also the red light area and bar district – the setting for the famous novel and Hollywood movie “The World of Suzie Wong”.

Wanchai is indeed a fascinating district full of contrasts. With this tour, We will take the Star Ferry to Wanchai where you will see the existing waterfront, and from there, walk to the old district where you will find local temples, old Wanchai Post Office, local markets, pre-war Tang style building. After a short coffee break at a local café with a nostalgic feel, we will continue to learn the local practice of ‘Petty Person Beating’ where we’ll expel the devil and nuisance that are annoying us.

Departure:Daily at 1400 hrs
Duration:Around 3 hours
Cost:HKD580.00 (approx USD75.00)/pax (minimum 2 pax)
Cost includes:1. English speaking guide
2. Star Ferry ride
3. A coffee/tea at a local café
Maximum group size:8 (we can separate bigger parties into smaller groups)
Pick up:Tsimshatshui MTR station


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