Hong Kong: The Old Victoria City Tour

A rock island hardly a house has been built on it.”
~Queen Victoria

This is what Queen Victoria described about Hong Kong in the early days when Hong Kong became a British colony. Indeed, at that time, Hong Kong was a rock island. However, the colonial officers, European traders and merchants did try their best to build up this Victoria City: they built this new land with statues, mansions, square and the Government Hill.

A closer look at the sites tells the British ideas of building up this Victoria City. The concepts of the rule of law are also manifested in the sites which give Hong Kong a head start to develop as one of the 4 Asian Dragons.

The tour will cover the former Explosive Magazine, the Mountain Lodge Guard House, Statue Square and pass through the Old Supreme Court Building, Battery Lane where the Former French Mission Building and the St John’s Cathedral, the oldest surviving Western ecclesiastical building in Hong Kong.

2 PaxHK$590.00/pax
Discount for travelling in group of 3 HK$460.00/pax (min. 3 pax signing up in a group)
Discount for travelling in group of 4HK$420.00/pax (min. 4 pax signing up in a group)


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