Hong Kong Sheung Wan – The Chinese under the British rule

Sheung Wan offers a nostalgic feel about Hong Kong, and sometimes, a short walk down the memory lane is all it takes to appreciate where we are today.

While the British were busy building up the Victoria City, what was life of the Chinese under the British rule?

The Chinese merchants and businessmen made use of Hong Kong’s links to the mainland and her position as a free port to create trade and commerce, while the lower working class were not as lucky, and had to rely on physical labour to earn a living, and resort to religious faith for comfort.

We will take you to Sheung Wan, at the border of the Victoria City, to look at the streets which are still bustling with trading activities, and the temples offering comfort for the working class people.

Departure:Daily at 1400 hrs
Duration:Around 3.5 hours
Cost:HKD550.00/pax (minimum 2 pax)
Cost includes:1. English speaking guide
2. A drink and a snack from traditional Chinese shop
Maximum group size:8 (we can separate bigger parties into small groups)
Pick up:Sheung Wan MTR station


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