Guilin: The Poetic Fairyland

The dreamlike ambience of Guilin cannot be easily described in words. There are pointed peaks sprung out from nowhere. The Li River, meandering between the peaks, bring the landscape to life. Farmers and buffalo working on the paddy fields, fishermen rafting on bamboo rafts along the Li River. The old village houses give this amazing landscape a human touch. When the peaks and the river are shrouded by mist, landscape is just incredibly beautiful. It's work of Mother Nature at its best, and a perfect destination for incentive.

The perfect way to experience this majestic landscape is on foot and by bike, Away from the noisy crowd of tourists, you’ll stand between the green paddy fields and buffalos, fishermen netting fish on bamboo rafts, glittering water of the Li River and the tranquil peaks; let yourself be pampered by the soft breezes, and smell the fresh scent of the green grass.

Today, Guilin offers a wide range of activities: bamboo rafting, hiking, cycling, rock climbing to keep you busy. It is, in fact, the same gratifying by just climbing up one of the peaks waiting for the perfect moment for your postcard photos.

4 Days /3 Nights Guilin Hiking and Biking

Day 1 The Romance Begins

Arrive Guilin. Meet and greet at the airport. Tour to the Elephant Trunk Hill which stands up majestically in downtown area; and the Reed Flute Cave - a spectacular display of stalactites, pillars and rocks.
Day 2 The Romance of the Li River

Hike along the Li River (around 5-6 hours) and transfer to Yangshuo by coach after the hike. Free time to explore the famous West Street: sit back and enjoy a drink at a local cafe, or explore the local shops along the street.
Day 3 Get In Touch With The Neighbourhood

Enjoy a leisure bicycle tour in Yangshuo (around 5 hours). You will pass through local villages, paddy fields, Yulong River (a major tributary of Li River) with some of the most picturesque karst formation, as well as the Moon Hill. Return to Guilin after the tour.
Day 4Departure or Optional Tours

Depart Guilin or tour to Longsheng.

Optional Longsheng Photo Tour
(Duration: one day return from Guilin)

Rice terraced fields in Longsheng is another magnificent destination. You'll be rewarded with hundreds of postcard photos even though you are an amateur photographer. Rice terraced fields are cultivated along the river banks up to the top of the mountain. During spring time, they glitter under the sun. Summer are layers of green and in autumn, they turn into layers of gold while in winter, silvery frost.

Optional Impression Lau Sister Show
Duration: Evening show (departure from Yangshuo)

Using the natural landscape as backdrop, this open air theatre is one of the most impressive in China. Actors are farmers and fishermen, who make their living by farming and fishing, and in the evening, turn themselves into actors. The show features the romantic love story of Lau Sister, and the culture and folk customs of the Guangxi people. Director by the famous Chinese film director Mr Zhang Yimou, who also directed the opening for the Beijing Olympics, the miraculous staging and lighting effect makes the evening a memorable and enjoyable one

Cooking Class in Yangshuo
(Duration: half day return from Yangshuo)

Learn the secret of Guilin cuisine. Explore the local markets to find out the freshest local produce and how they are used in Guilin dishes. Learn some of the typical local dishes, including the famous beer fish and minced meat wrapped in pumpkin flowers. It will certainly be fun activity for visitors and families.

More about Guilin

Guilin and Guangxi
Guilin is a major city in Guangxi province but the capital of Guangxi is Nanning, which is a rapidly developing city. Guangxi is located in south western part of China borders with Vietnam. In addition to Chinese Han people, Guangxi has the largest population of ethnic minority Zhuang.

Guilin Landscape
Guilin has the most typical karst landforms in the world. Its verdant hills, limpid waters, mysterious caves and gorgeous rocks have won her the reputation as "the most beautiful scenery on earth". Indeed, the Li River, its waters and its surrounding peaks and hills make visitors feel that they are treading on a fairyland. The Li River and the karst landscape are right in the city area easily accessible. Yangshuo, another scenic city is only 90km from Guilin, and accessible by boat or by road.

Guilin Cuisine
The most famous local snack is the Guilin rice noodles, which is normally hot and spicy. Most chefs make good use of local resources nearby, fresh catch of the day from the river, local poultry and vegetables, put them to steam or stew and they will turn into local delicacies full of favors. If time allows, explore some of their local food streets and samples dishes from local restaurants.

Guilin enjoys a temperate and humid climate. Winter is mild and summer is relatively cooler, with an average annual temperature of 19 °C.

Today's weather in Guilin

Throw a Party
The magnificent scenic sites are perfect destinations for incentives and events. Arrange a party at the Li River bank, or an exclusive one at a natural cave which will be colourfully lit up like a palace in wonderland. The mild temperature makes it perfect for outdoor activities, and hiking and cycling are the most popular.

From Guilin to...
Hong Kong - only one hour flight time and you will touch down at the metropolitan city of Hong Kong, a city which never sleeps and there are always activities to invite you to take part in 24 hours a day.

Guangzhou- formerly known as Canton, Guangzhou is the 'culinary centre of the Guangdong area'. The two cities share a lot of similarities in terms of food and Chinese culture but there are subtle differences in expression due to their varying paths in the course of history. Guangzhou is only one hour flight to Guilin, or around 3 hours by high speed train.

Guilin is also connected by air with major Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xian etc.

Impressions Lau Sanjie
Huangyao Ancient Town
Reed Flute Cave
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