Squid Fishing

Hong Kong is well known for seafood. With over 200 islands, we are surrounded by waters and offer us an interesting evening activity: squid fishing. We’ll take our visitors to Sai Kung, the back garden of Hong Kong for a leisure walk where you can see the fishing boats and the beautiful coastlines, followed by a sumptuous seafood meal. After dinner, we’ll charter a boat for squid fishing. The equipment is simple: a fishing hook and floodlights. Squid are nautical creatures and at night, they come out hunting and they are easily attracted by lights. For incentives, we have divided them into smaller groups to see which group get the most squids.

With a cold beer and the cool breezes at night, it is indeed an enjoyable activity. What’s more, the boat people can help boil the squids you have caught, and with same seasoning, it s the freshest food you’ll ever have.

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