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While Shaolin is the center of Kungfu for northern China, Guangdong and Hong Kong is the centre in the south. In the last century, a number of famous Kungfu masters from Foshan and other parts of Guangdong came to Hong Kong and set up studios and spread this Chinese culture by taking students and teachings, and Hong Kong therefore plays an important role in spreading and upkeeping this Chinese heritage. This also explains why there are so many Kungfu movies produced in Hong Kong, and famous Kungfu artists like Bruce Lee, Jacky Chan and recently Donnie Yen who also played a role of the blind Chirrut Îmwe in “Rouge One: A Star Wars Story”.

We have taken our groups to meet a Kungfu master and learn the tricks of Kungfu. Master Wong has got a master degree in Sport Science – Kungfu in Guangzhou. Apart from winning various Kungfu tournaments, he has also hosted TV programmes and took part in the making of Kungfu films. In his class, he will only spend maximum 15 min talking, and rest of the time will be practical sessions – teaching his students including those from overseas on tricks and techniques, and skills of self defense – something which you can apply when you go back home.

For incentive groups with management staff participating, he loves to apply the concept of Kungfu in management theory as well – in Kungfu, we talk about attack and defence, with is a daily question for management in the modern competitive world – and applying such Chinese concept via Kungfu.

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